Guitar amplification is about so much more than volume.

rise against the solid state amplification is a journey through the heart and soul of classic vacuum tube guitar amplifiers, and a belief that the right fingers on the right guitar through the right amp can be transcendental.

It’s a belief that the sum is more than the parts – that somehow a few well chosen transformers and resistors and capacitors can come to life when the electrons flow.

From stock clones to custom circuits I want to use this place to chronicle my attempts to harness the magic of the little glass bottles.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Came across one of your champ clones for sale on The Gear Page. Seems like a great amp. Didn’t know about your PR clone till I got to your site. Can you provide rates for each and some info on the PR clone please? Also, what the turnaround time for an order? Thanks in advance.

    • Oh man, that Big Champ is a killer amp.

      I don’t really have a list of stock amps or set rates, per se. I just sort of build whatever takes my fancy and then sell ’em to build more. I think I remember selling (or trading rather) that big champ for somewhere around $400 which was basically what the parts cost. If I can find good deals on the parts, I price the builds accordingly. The PR clone would be in the $900 range.

      This is really more of a hobby than a business, but turnaround for an amp would likely be around 1-2 months.

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